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Oklahoma Web Sites Links

City Of Coweta Web Site-You can find out what's on the upcoming city council agenda and all kinds on city info.

The official site for Coweta Public Schools.

National Weather Service in Tulsa -We issue the official forecast/warnings for Northeast Oklahoma. Our web site would is a great resource for local weather information.

Gateway to Oklahoma Native America-Web site about Oklahoma. Lots of link to Native Indian Web Sites, government  and Oklahoma towns and More.

Tulsa Computer Society-A Local Computer Club.

Safaris Sanctuary- An EDUCATIONAL, INTERACTIVE wildlife refuge for all kinds of exotic wildlife. Each year thousands of families and school groups from all over eastern Oklahoma come to visit over 200 animals. Ranging from Exotic Cats, to Wolves, Bears, Primates, Reptiles, Barnyard and more!

Teach You Children-Home school website based in Coweta.

Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas & Missouri -Info On Western Cherokee Nation Of Arkansas & Missouri

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